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Mastering your weaknesses in trading, with Jesse (aka Psycho on Wall St.)

Episode Summary

In this episode I talk to Jesse, aka Psycho on Wall St., to discuss his fascinating trading journey from pot stock boom and busts to full time crypto trading.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Ledger Cast, hosted by me, Brian Krogsgard (@ledgerstatus on twitter), and in this episode I'm joined by a special guest, Jesse, aka Psycho on Wall Street.

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Jesse is a talented trader with an interesting story. He cut his teeth in trading the rapid rise and fall of pot stocks on traditional markets. He has an impressive boom and bust story where he made half a million dollars and lost most of it.

In crypto, Jesse has taken hard lessons learned from those days and worked his way to be able to trade full time. We discuss his strategy, what he's learned, and a good bit about market psychology.

You should also check out his interview on Chat With Traders for his pot-stock story that we give a brief review on but mostly pick up on his crypto journey.

Here's the audio:

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