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Trading in a bear market

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In this episode of Ledger Cast, Josh and I discuss trading in a bear market, how we are approaching it, and some coins that are bucking the trend.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Ledger Cast, hosted by me, Brian Krogsgard (@ledgerstatus on twitter), and Josh Olszewicz (@carpenoctom). Ledger Cast is a cryptocurrency trading and blockchain ecosystem podcast.

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The information in this podcast should not be construed as investment advice, it is purely educational material and you should always do your own research before buying.

In this episode of Ledger Cast, Josh and I discuss the state of the bear market, how we're approaching trading both bitcoin and alt coins, and of course our take on what's ahead. Part of our discussion was around some of the coins that are outperforming the market -- either by consolidating around higher levels or even maintaining uptrends. They are few and far between.

We also discuss our upcoming live show in Washington DC for those of you interested. And in the middle of the show I take a moment to talk to Aaron Lammer of Coin Talk -- one of my absolute favorite podcasts in the space that I hope you'll check out.

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