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Decentralized Finance, with Louis Aboud of Wyre

Episode Summary

In this episode, I talk to Louis Aboud about "DeFi" and the risks and benefits of what's being created in the Ethereum ecosystem, about his fund Wyre Capital, and Wyre.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Ledger Cast, hosted by me, Brian Krogsgard (@ledgerstatus on twitter). Ledger Cast is a cryptocurrency trading and blockchain ecosystem podcast.

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In this episode of Ledger Cast, I talk to Louis Aboud of Wyre Capital and Wyre. Wyre is an, API for applications to offer a fiat onramp easily. The Wyre Capital side of the business is a long/short fund invested in all sorts of cryptocurrency projects.

We talked first about trading, and then dug into the DeFi stuff, and conversation around the Wyre product, which seems really interesting.

We talked a bit about Uniswap in the show, and I mentioned this episode the Uniswap creator did with Laura Shin.

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Music: "Oh, the chains" by Joel Madison Blount