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Momentum and breakout trading for cryptocurrencies

Episode Summary

In this episode of Ledger Cast, I discuss momentum and breakout trading strategies for cryptocurrency with Jonny Moe, who is one of the best short-timeframe traders I’ve ever seen.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Ledger Cast, hosted by me, Brian Krogsgard (@ledgerstatus on twitter), and in this episode I'm joined by a special co-host, Jonny Moe (@jonnymoetrades). Ledger Cast is a cryptocurrency trading and blockchain ecosystem podcast.

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The information in this podcast should not be construed as investment advice, it is purely educational material and you should always do your own research before buying.

In this episode of Ledger Cast, Jonny and I talk about momentum trading and breakout trading for cryptocurrencies. Jonny is a master of this form of short-term trade, and I've enjoyed getting to know him for the last several months. We talk regularly on Telegram and have shared strategies and more. I thought it would be fun to have him on the show to discuss his unique strategy.

This post has a YouTube video I screencasted that may make things easier to follow along for some listeners.

News of the week

Jonny's origin story

Jonny has a history trading very low timeframe equities markets. He shifted into crypto in late 2016 and by the beginning of 2017 stopped trading equities and moved fully into crypto.

He has adapted his trading style from equities, where he would often trade 1 minute and 5 minute candles, but some of his underlying strategy still comes from that realm. We discuss how he's evolved as a trader, big takeaways he has made from the equities markets and much more.

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Investment tips

Jonny: Don't marry a bag, especially when there is not a super obvious utility value to so many of them. Don't be afraid to cut a trade loose.

Brian: Don't try to squeeze in that last pump on a coin you've already made great money on. Roll it into the next trade that has more immediate potential.

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